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ABP Builders is a licensed and insured contractor specializing in construction of new homes, renovation of existing residential and commercial properties, and public contracts. We are a family owned business founded in Albany, NY in 2003. We have proudly completed numerous successful construction and renovation projects in our community.

Our Services

Our Services
  • custom homes
  • home additions
  • home remodeling
  • design services
  • green technology

Green Technology

ABP Builders now offers a sustainable alternative towards domestic water heating systems. By adapting Velux technology, we install water heating systems that derive their energy from the sun, a sustainable energy source that is cleaner and greener than fossil fuel or electrical systems. Velux has been a trusted name in solar energy technology for 65 years and we are proud to help introduce these systems into the Capital Region communities. The State of New York provides 60% tax credits to participating individuals, providing our clients a full return on investment in 3-6 years.

Monthly savings will be 50%-80% compared to a traditional tank type water heating system

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